My 2017

My 2017

^ Our leaving party in Sheffield. August 2017. 

2017 was a year of huge change and personal growth. I don’t expect every year to be like this, so it’s definitely one to note.

Here’s what I gained from the year:

The courage to move away from what was conventionally expected of me. I was doing everything I ‘should’ve’ been as a 26 year-old western female. But, I wasn’t living the best life I could have imagined for myself, so I changed it. It’s not easy to take a plunge into the unknown, but if you think it’s the best thing for you, regardless of what others say, then you should do it.

A new level of strength and partnership in my relationship. Moving away together is obviously a huge deal and it’s highlighted how strong we are together. I value having someone who is always on my side and will encourage me to pursue new, exciting and normal for most people but scary for me things.  

Being more comfortable in myself than ever before. If you’ve read My Voice then you’ll know that the confidence I have in my opinions (and appearance) hasn’t always been great. In 2017 I began to feel more confident and comfortable than I ever have done. It’s not perfect, I still have days where I feel gross (who doesn’t?) but it’s so much better than in the last few years.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone is the best thing that I could’ve done for myself in 2017. It’s enabled everything I’ve mentioned above.